Gotham Lights Ep. 122
“Hoowanis Ahdicksion”

Stef and Henno review #Gotham S5E8, “Nothing’s Shocking” and S5E9, “The Trial Of Jim Gordon.” https://gotham.fandom.com/wiki/Nothing%27s_Shocking https://gotham.fandom.com/wiki/The_Trial_of_Jim_Gordon Check out this episode here on Libsyn. Or subscribe to the show on your podcatcher of choice: iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, iHeart Radio, Tunein Radio, Spotify. Feel free to follow the show @OrvilleLights on Twitter or on our …

Our Liner Notes Ep. 98
“Let’s Hear It For the Ladies”

This week Kristin continues to preform hosting duties while Chris is away. Special guest Stefanie Muniz of Gotham/Orville Lights Podcast discusses one her favourite female artists since childhood (4:41, 30:06, 52:58, 1:22:20, 1:40:15) while Kristin plays tracks from one the biggest female albums of the 90’s (19:04, 39:38, 1:07:35, 1:33:05, 1:47:34) if not ever. Check …