Month: December 2015

Gotham Lights Ep. 23
“Too Late Mr. Freeze”

Too late Mr. Freeze; Hell is already frozen over because one the great podcast conversationalists and known Gotham foe, Grant Markham, joins us on Gotham Lights along with the equally incomparable Agent Palmer, blogger extraordinaire. We are all over the map: Gotham, Broadcast TV, Cable, Books to Film, Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright, Superheros, Comics, …

Gotham Lights Ep. 22
“Worse Than A Crime”

Stefanie and Henno run down the gripping Fall Finale – Worse Than A Crime. Is Gordon now a killer??? Has He lost his way??? Is there hope for Gotham??? News: Gotham ties Supergirl for ratings for the first time and the interview with Bruno Heller Henno brings up can be found here¬† Check out this …