Feeling Lucky…Does That Make Me A Punk?

If Dirty Harry were to ask me, my answer would be yes. I do feel lucky. I’ve won things (I never used to win anything) and had the opportunity to go on a couple fantastic road trips with some awesome people. So despite being stressed out at work quite often lately, I can appreciate the little things. It started with winning a contest from a podcast I listen to, All Us Geeks. The guys were celebrating their second year of podcasting together–the second birthday of All Us Geeks.

So in honor of this they decided to hold a contest. They would give away a set of table top games to a random listener. All that needed to be done to enter was wish the podcast a happy birthday. You could enter multiple ways: leaving them a review, sending a tweet, emailing, calling in. I tweeted and sent an email with a voice recording and left a review. They numbered every entry received, picked a number (out of hat I believe) and then matched the number to the entry. My review entry coincided with the winning number.

I almost didn’t believe it when I received a tweet from one of the hosts (Jeff) letting me know I had won. I was out of the country on vacation so I got to hear the announcement on the podcast when I returned. I was really excited. I received four Grey Gnome Games table top games (three card games and one board game) then three additional card games on top of that, from other creators. I’ve played most of them and they’re a lot of fun.

Next, I won a newsletter contest that I didn’t even remember entering, belonging to an online group of writers that have banded together to become The Holy Taco Church. I signed up for updates from the website and this must have entered me in the drawing. One day out of the blue, I get a small package in the mail. When I opened it, I saw it contained a book, The book was signed by the author. I found the author on Twitter and asked her about the book, thinking it was a different prize I had won. The author confirmed it was for signing up for the email newsletter and hoped I would enjoy the book.

The final prize in question was from another Birthday celebration. An internet radio station name Supernatural Radio, that I listen to was going to give a prize out to someone at random who tweeted them using a specific birthday hashtag for the show. I received that prize today. So all in all, I consider myself quite fortunate. Whether it’s luck or not, I don’t know for sure, but I’m willing to think so.

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