Gotham Lights Ep. 1
“Season 11 Finale Happy Families”

Stefanie and Henno discuss the season 1 finale – All Happy Families Are Alike. A bit of a mixed reaction this week but, as always, the pair put their positive vibes out and have a fun chat about Gotham. Is Falcone truly walking away? Is Penguin the new King of Gotham? Does Jim Gordon still have a job? Holy Nygma? Where will Barb end up? What happened to the joker? Well stay tuned and we’ll be with you for season 2.

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The Gotham Lights Fancast, hosted by Stefanie and Henno, is a weekly podcast about the Fox TV show Gotham. We review each episode as fans of the show and bring other fans and friends on to discuss all things Gotham.

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