Wine Makes Words…Sort of.

Yesterday I went to see the Doctor Who Season 8 premier, Deep Breath, in the theater. While the theater viewing did not change my over-all opinion on the episode, I enjoyed the environment. There was a stark contrast between this premier and the hundreds of Whovians that ventured out to see the 50th Anniversary Special—which makes sense, the 50th was a very big deal.
The theater was not full, far from it, but what interested me the most was the age range of attendees. There were Whovians young and old present and it was very cool to see. Parents had brought their children, siblings and couples shared their popcorn, and groups of friends quizzed each other with the pre-show trivia on the screen. Since the theater was not that full, it was easy to over-hear conversations and people watch, as most of seats occupied were all towards the middle of the theater
There were scarves, sonic screwdrivers, and Doctor Who themed t-shirts. It’s what I love best about going to the theater for something like this—you get to spend time with others who share your love for a TV show. My sister, who joined me (her husband also accompanied us) said she did not like Capaldi’s Doctor. Math Smith’s Eleventh Doctor was her Doctor so she was not fond of the new one. But I reminded her that it was his first episode and that it always took a few episodes to get used to a new doctor.
Neither of us liked Matt Smith to begin with but he slowly grew more likeable as his first season progressed. I predict the same for Capaldi, even though I already like his take on the Doctor. So we shall see. That will do it for me tonight. As the title suggests, I had a rather large glass of wine—while it provided a bit a fuel to get the creative juices flowing after a long day at the office. Those juices have stopped flowing and I am minutes away from falling asleep as I sit here. Until next time!
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