Wham! A Deadpool Review

What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than at the movies? Under normal circumstances, this would be a dateless Valentine’s Day, as per tradition. But this time, I had Mr. Pool…Deadpool. He was thoroughly enjoyable. The best Marvel movie to come out in a while.

Not surprisingly, the movie is already making headlines. The highest grossing rated “R” movie of all time in it’s opening weekend. Well deserved and well earned. I know there was concern with some about the movie not living up to it’s brilliant advertising. I can say it not only lived up to the advertising and hype, but surpassed it by more than 83 confirmed kills–it exceeded my expectations.

I’ve been a fan of Ryan Reynolds for some time, since back in his Blade Trinity days. There could not have been a better choice for the “Merc with the Mouth”. Plus, this gave Reynolds the opportunity to take another shot at the character of Wade Wilson and build upon it. Build he did…and shoot and stab and maim and kill…and repeat.

I also have to applaud Morena Baccarin on her performance as Vanessa, “crazy” good. This might just be my new favorite role for her, since Firely. I definitely liked this character much more than the character of Dr. Leslie Tompkins in Gotham. She’s a good actress and I’ve liked a lot of what she’s been in. I imagine it comes down to writing and the freedom the character(and actress) is allowed to have. A freedom that is much easier to get in a rated “R” movie than a TV show on Fox (or other network TV channels for that matter.)

I’ve already decided that I will be seeing this movie again, in theaters, maybe even in 3-D next time. While it was easy to follow the story and Deadpool’s antics, I did get the sense that I missed things here and there. Nothing major, a line was spoken too fast…there were so many moving pieces to that freeway scene I had to have missed something…references (there were soooo many). Although, even if I didn’t feel like I’d missed things, I would still go see it again. It is that great.

I am not going to give away any spoilers but it would be an incomplete review without at least touching on the humor in this movie. Deadpool (aka Wade Wilson) as a character is known for being sarcastic, un-filtered, a wise ass, mentally unstable and…well, a deadly bad ass. He is an anti-hero who breaks the fourth wall, completely aware he is a comic book character. This breaking of the fourth wall is what led to many funny scenes in the movie, often involving speaking directly to the “audience”. The dialog was also excellent and the way in which Reynolds delivered the lines, made the jokes and references all the better. I don’t think I’ve laughed as much during any other Marvel movie, as I did with this one.
Often with movies, a soundtrack can be just as important as the story and the acting or the special effects. Similar to the greatness that was the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, this soundtrack too was amazing. You could not have songs that were more different, go so well together in a movie. They’re catchy and I love them all. So much so, I bought the soundtrack off iTunes when I returned home from the theater. Wade had me at Wham. One of his prized possessions is the Make It Big album, Wham’s second album known for the hits: Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, Freedom, Careless Whisper. Spoiler for me: Careless Whisper is my favorite Wham song.

So, if you haven’t gone to see this film yet, do so. Immediately. I cannot recommend it more.

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