Frienemies: Captain America Civil War Trailer

This morning I woke up to Twitter being a buzz with all caps and every “feel” imaginable. The hash tags (#CivilWar #CaptainAmericaCivilWar) made it obvious what the fuss was all about–the official trailer for Marvel’s Captain America Civil War was unleashed unto the masses.

I put in my head phones and pulled up YouTube on my phone. I wanted to see if this was as big a deal as everyone was making it out to be. I don’t know much about the Civil War storyline from the comic books, only what I’ve gathered from hearing people talk about the upcoming movie or reading articles about it online. But the gist is simple, two Avengers pick opposites sides of an act meant to force superheroes to reveal themselves. This of course causes a rift amongst a team and friends with many super heroes taking different sides behind Captain America or Iron Man.

In the comics, Spiderman is heavily featured in this “war” who until recently was a Sony owned creative license for movies. Marvel wasn’t going to be able to touch Spidey for their movie, but that all changed when Sony agreed to “loan” the web crawler out to Marvel for Civil War as a separate entity from their own upcoming Spiderman films. It would be a different actor, different character presentation. Spidey senses were tingling leading up to the big announcement and there was much rejoicing as there were many fans who could not see a Civil War movie happen without Spiderman.

Naturally, the world premier trailer was the first to pop up in my YouTube search and I pressed play with much anticipation. My eyes were glued as the faces of familiar and beloved characters flashed across my small phone screen. Immediately you feel the cockles of your heart warm at a much needed reunion. The action scenes and cameos aim to distract you, make you forget what’s coming. But then it’s happening, your jaw has dropped and you get sucker punched right in the ticker by three little words, “So was I”. Yes, the “feels” are strong as you watch Iron Man get tag teamed and beat on by Captain America and Bucky (AKA The Winter Solider).

The trailer ends and it’s at this point that I toss my head phones and sit back. My initial thought, “Hot damn! Wow, I am so excited to see this movie!” I turned to my co-worker and we had a good 10 minute conversation about the trailer, the comic story and Planet Hulk (that was us getting a little bit sidetracked). It was only after that I watched it again, because he mentioned Black Panther and I had completed missed him in the trailer. I found him, three separate, super fast scenes. But now I knew what the fuss was all about and I agreed completely. Fuss well deserved. I shared the trailer on my twitter feed and went about my day. Now I’m sitting here and writing this, naturally, I am required to watch it yet again. You know, for research.

The trailer starts out with Steve Rogers (Captain America, played by Chris Evans) and Sam Wilson (Falcon, played by Anthony Mackie), talking with a pinned down Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier, played by Sebastian Stan). Bucky remembers his friend Steve, which is wonderful but short-lived. Jump to a voice over, inter-cut with fight scenes, by a grey-haired “suit” at Avengers HQ calling Captain America an unsupervised vigilante while handing Natasha Romanoff a Webster-sized block of papers with SOKOVIA ACCORDS across the front. Ruh roh, Shaggy.

The Black Widow tries to convince Cap to stay away from Bucky as the voice over continues to say there will be consequences and Iron Man confronts Cap in a stairwell. This is inter-cut with a scene of Steve and Sam watching as their equipment is carried away by a squad of soldiers. There is another voice over of Steve and Tony sharing their difference of opinions on the matter at hand which ends in one of the best lines of the entire trailer, “Sometimes I want to punch you in your perfect teeth.” We then get many scenes of Falcon and Captain America, then a stand off scene with cameos galore. Iron Man and Iron Patriot on one side, Cap with Hawkeye, Scarlett Witch and Bucky on the other.

Supposedly, some are saying Ant Man is there as well but in his super tiny form, not sure if there is any truth in that, I couldn’t see him. There are bullets, explosions and fights, oh my! Plus a long awaited cameo by The Black Panther for a quick split second and then another split second double kicking Bucky and half a second running after Bucky. Then this happens, Steve: He’s my friend. Tony: So was I.

Wow. Can it be May now?

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