The Marvel Universe Welcomes Another Doctor

While DC might be squirming under the loss of an actor in one of their upcoming films this week, Marvel is welcoming an actor into their universe. David Tennant–most notably known for his role in the long running British series Doctor Who as the Tenth Doctor– has been cast for the upcoming Marvel/Netflix joint venture project A.K.A. Jessica Jones. Proving that Marvel has a thing for timelords (I don’t blame them), having previously cast Christopher Eccleston (Ninth Doctor) in Thor: The Dark World as Malekith.

UK fans have long since enjoyed the Scottish actor in his many stage productions as part of the Royal Shakespeare Company and other theaters (Hamlet, Richard II, Much Ado About Nothing), countless TV appearances including: Doctor Who, Broadchurch (Gracepoint in the US), Casanova, Blackpool and such film credits as: Fright Night, How to Train Your Dragon, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, The Decoy Bride.

So what does Marvel have in store for it’s fans? Tennant bathed in purple. Yes, you read that correctly. He has been cast to play a major villain opposite the show’s heroine Jessica Jones–Krysten Ritter, Don’t Trust the B**** in Apartment 23 and Breaking Bad. Tennant will play the Purple Man, real name Zebediah Killgrave. Killgrave has the uncanny ability to control people’s minds by way of pheromones he produces and the power to heal himself. Oh, and he also happens to have a purple skin tone as his name would suggest. Now, how purple Marvel plans to make the former timelord turned Jessica’s blast from the past super villain, is yet to be seen.

For those of you unfamiliar with A.K.A. Jessica Jones. The series centers around Jessica Jones, a super hero whose short-lived and tragic career has left the young woman trying her hand at detective work in New York City. She often finds herself enthralled in cases involving people with special abilities which of course makes it hard for her to put her super hero past behind her and start anew. Think Super Girl meets Veronica Mars (for lack of a better reference).

This is the second of two Marvel related shows that Netflix is premiering, the first being Daredevil. The two Marvel characters do share a connection (in the comics) and a villain. So it makes sense that Marvel and Netflix would tackle these two series together.

I can hardly wait to binge watch both. But until then, I look forward to seeing who else is announced to round-out the cast along side Ritter, Tennant, and Mike Colter (Luke Cage).

Welcome to the Marvel Universe Doctor!

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