It Has Begun!

No, not an ultimate martial arts battle to the death with a weird four-armed dude. That’s next week, make sure you bring your own lightning god.

I am in fact referring to two very different occurrences: the return of favorite TV shows (the shows are back in town! You’re welcome for that ear worm) and the return of Phoenix Comicon meetings (preparations and recruiting for the big show in May).
Today ends the hiatus of two Fox TV shows, Gotham and Sleepy Hollow. With the return of Gotham, we will begin to see what new adventures await our ousted detective Jim Gordon in the dark setting of Arkham Asylum. While Sleepy Hollow, picks up where our heroes Ichabod Crane and Abby Mills will have to deal with the repercussions of Henry having slain Moloch.
Beyond that, we have the all new premier of Marvel’s Agent Carter tomorrow, as Agent’s of Shield is still on hiatus. Agent Carter of course referring to Agent Peggy Carter, founder of Shield and Captain America’s old flame. I’ve been looking forward to this one. Yesterday marked the premier of the four-week musical extravaganza that is Galavant. I’m enjoying it so far and I have three words for you: Timothy Omundson’s beard. That is all. Supernatural will be back on January 20th and The Walking Dead is due back in the beginning of February (the 9th, if I’m not mistaken).
Now to shamelessly plug my favorite geeky hobby/job, Phoenix Comicon. I spent all day Saturday with my fellow geeky coordinators our managers and directors plus our head honcho, the director of Phoenix Comicon–at a Leadership Retreat, where we discussed the successes of last year as well as what things we can continue to improve upon. It was a long day, but fun–reconnecting and catching up with our team and other folks from different departments. While the leadership retreat marks the beginning of the countdown clock for the leadership of Phoenix Comicon, the true countdown will begin at the first all hands meeting this Saturday, January 10th. So, dear readers, if you live in the Phoenix area and want to be a part of the pop culture experience of the Southwest, come on out. New volunteer orientation is at 9:15am (where info is given out on all the different departments) and the official meeting starts at 10:00am. The meeting usually lasts until about 12:00pm. This will be the only meeting for January and will continue again in February. I guess there’s this sports type thing happening in between called the Super Bowl and is sort of a big deal. So folks will be busy with that, harrumph. I’m just kidding, sports fans, our city is hosting said sporting event…so that’s good.
I am happy to be returning to my role of Photo Booth Coordinator for the fourth year in a row with a lot of the same people–we’ve had very little attrition on our team, except for a new manager. Apparently, last’s year con broke the old manager. So our Onsite Tech Manager accepted a lateral move to become our Photo Booth Manager. He’s a nice guy, easy to work with and he knows how to lead (needless to say we’re pretty excited). He will finally break the curse, the Photo Booth Manager position has not been held by the same person for more than a year in over four years. Basically, it’s our Defense Against the Dark Arts position. But the good news, he’s already had the manager role of Photo Booth for a smaller show, so I’ve got high hopes.
Anyway, that’s all which is fit to print for now. Farewell dear readers.
Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash
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