About Me

Stefanie Muniz a.k.a Badwolfbay87 a.k.a From Brain To Keyboard is known for her time as a podcaster, her blog FromBraintoKeyboard.com and as a streamer on Twitch.tv/FromBraintoKeyboard. She shares her thoughts on pop culture, TV shows, movies, and books through her blog and spends her evenings streaming video games.

Stefanie’s first digital endeavor was the initial iteration of her blog, frombraintokeyboard.blogspot.com, used to share her thoughts on a variety of topics as a way of writing on a regular basis. Originally launched in August of 2014, the blog has since transitioned to it’s current form as the website From Brain to Keyboard a single source for all things internet related: blog, podcasts, streams.

After stepping back from podcasting, as a co-host of the Moving the Needle podcast, Stefanie focused on her bi-monthly blog and weekly Twitch streaming. First as a moderator for friend and fellow Twitch streamer Triforcedad1984, and later moderating for another friend, the Twitch streamer Foxy Lockhart, she now streams herself while continuing her duties as “one of the best mods on Twitch”, to quote Triforcedad1984. Stefanie can still occasionally be found as a guest on podcasts of friends and former co-hosts.

Born in Witzenhausen, Germany, Stefanie has lived in many places, growing up the oldest daughter of an Army Sgt. First Class and a German mother. She has an Associates Degree in Arts from Glendale Community College in Glendale, AZ, and has spent the last 14 years as a relocation consultant for an international relocation company.

Stefanie lives in Pennsylvania with her partner, Jason a.k.a. Agent Palmer, and Max the cat. You can find her tweeting about things on Twitter at @badwolfbay87 and playing games on Twitch. Or, you can email her at FromBraintoKeyboard (AT) gmail (DOT) com.