Amazon Prime’s “Upload” is a Fun Series with Social Commentary

On May 1st, Amazon premiered the new Prime series Upload. A ten-episode season with most episodes ranging from 20-30 minutes aside from the 45-minute pilot. The show centers on a unique idea about the afterlife and what technology can provide to guarantee humanity eternal happiness after death. The series focuses on the process of being …

Broadband Brings to Light the Importance of Women to the Creation of the Internet

On the suggestion from my boyfriend, I recently read the novel Broadband by Claire L. Evans. It’s a nonfiction book about the pioneering women involved with computers throughout history, starting with Ada Lovelace, Grace Hopper, and more recent female entrepreneurs such as Pam Hardt-English, Stacy Horn, and Dame Wendy Hall, who tried their best to …

The Sorkin Education Continues with Sports Night

After finishing The West Wing, my Sorkin education was continued with another of his shows, Sports Night. While The West Wing dealt largely with the politics of the White House, Sports Night gives you the inner workings of a late night sports news broadcast. You’re shown the behind the scenes work that goes on from Noon to Midnight and the employees of the network-owned hour long show who make it all happen at 11:00pm.