Guest Spots

Our Liner Notes Ep. 98
“Let’s Hear It For the Ladies”

This week Kristin continues to preform hosting duties while Chris is away. Special guest Stefanie Muniz of Gotham/Orville Lights Podcast discusses one her favourite female artists since childhood (4:41, 30:06, 52:58, 1:22:20, 1:40:15) while Kristin plays tracks from one the biggest female albums of the 90’s (19:04, 39:38, 1:07:35, 1:33:05, 1:47:34) if not ever. Check …

How Was Your Week, Honey? Ep. 8.2
“Couples and a Compliment Sandwich”

Part 2 of our evening with Stef and Palmer. Picking up right where we left off, this episode includes: long distance relationships, dating aps, voices, graphic novels, old souls, mix tapes, the Princess Bride, Palmer’s great gifts, rapid fire questions, US politics, the Stef and Palmer show and the compliment sandwich. Songs of the Week: …